Privacy Policy


It is very common for sites to collect personal data during the registration process where guests enter their email addresses in order to make a new account.

Sometimes it is not only the name, the physical and the email address that are stored in the sites' database but also several personal preferences.



Unfortunately it is also very common for people to watch their email inbox to get flooded with annoying ads just a day or two after their registration.


It is therefore explicitly declared that an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) holds and applies between every single registered member and this site's administration. According to this agreement members' personal data will not be disclosed to any third-party person or company for any reason.




Our site is not interested in our members' personal data other than their names and email addresses. It is a common practice for a site where users are involved into material submission, editing and publishing to collect their physical names. However it must be noted that we completely rely on the data entered during registration without applying any verification scheme.

Users creating an account are encouraged and expected to enter their true names. However site operation will be unaffected if this is not the case!


For any additional inquiry please send your email to: webmaster