1. step 1

     -Read our tutorial articles to get a detailed picture of what hifi


     speaker design is all about.

     -Browse the list of loudspeaker manufacturer websites and use


     our database of downloadable loudspeaker datasheets to select


     your drivers.

     -Choose the right design software that suits you best to


     calculate your enclosure dimensions and buy everything


     you need from a retail shop.

  2. step 2 v2

      -Assemble your crossover-less speaker and let your lab equipment


     (or measurement software) acquire the necessary response


      measurements. Use your crossover design software to decide a


      crossover network that fits your acoustical targets.

     -Browse the list of component manufacturer websites and buy all the


      necessary components.

     -Use a suitable pcb and your soldering equipment to conclude


      your crossover network implementation.



  3. step 3



     -If you get addicted to hifi speaker design you can try to


      broaden your technical background by consulting our


     book review section and -why not- browsing the


     journals of the existing audio societies.

     -You can also get closer to audio enthusiasts' community


     through our list of worldwide audio websites,


     web-magazines and discussion fora.



SEAS archive

SEAS part number

(please note that we use 4 digits)




H0225 19TNF  
H0337 25TN  
H0382 25TAG  
H0392 25TNF  
H0398 25TAFG  
H0400 25TACG  
H0414 19TAF_G  
H0417 25TACGW  
H0456 25TF  
H0457 25TFF  
H0519 25TFFC  
H0534 25TAFD  
H0535 25TACD  
H0537 25TAFCD  
H0561 19TAF_D  
H0569 25TAFDTV  
H0586 19TFF  
H0605 19TFFN  
H0614 25TAFNG  
H0615 25TFFNG  
H0623 25TAFN_QG  
H0625 25TFFN_QG  
H0830 20TFF  
H0883 27TAFC_G  
H1148 27TBC_GTV  
H1150 27TDC_TV  
H1210 27TDFC_TV  
H1211 27TDF  
H1213 27TBFC_GTV  
H1214 27TBF_G  
H1322 29TAF_W  
H1461 27TTFNC_GW  
H1462 27TDFNC_GW  
H1508 26TFF  


H0422 MP14RCY  
H0453 MP12VC  
H0522 MP14RCYP  
H0688 MP14RCTV  
H0804 MT14RCY  
H0143 MCA11FC  


H0487 MP14REXF  
H0489 P17REXXF  
H0653 P17REXTVF  
H0723 T17REX_COAXF  
H1144 T18REXTVFC  


E0003 W17EX001  
E0004 W21EX001  
E0005 W17E001  
E0008 W14CY001  
E0009 W17E002  
E0001 W11CY001  
E0010 W17EX002  
E0012 W21E002  
E0013 W21EX002  
E0016 M15CH001  
E0002 W17CY001  
E0036(2007), E0036(2005), E0036(2003) T25C003  
E0038(2007), E0038(2005) T29CF001  
E0039(2007), E0039(2005) T29AF001  
E0007 W11CY002  

Passive Radiators

H9901 SP21R  
H9902 SP25R  
H9928 SP17R  


H0149 CA11RCY  
H0245 CA25RE4X  
H0250 CA25RE4  
H0282 P21REX  
H0283 P25REX  
H0333 CA21REX  
H0352 P17RCY  
H0353 P17RC  
H0359 P21REY  
H0368 CA25FEY  
H0372 CA25RE4XDC  
H0373 CA21RE4XDC  
H0393 P14RCY  
H0395 P14RC  
H0397 CA21RE  
H0404 CB17RCY  
H0416 P17REX  
H0419 P17RE  
H0442 P21RE4XDC  
H0454 P11RC  
H0455 P11RCY  
H0511 P21RFP  
H0512 P21RFXP  
H0521 P11RCYP  
H0548 P17RCYP  
H0571 CB17RCYP  
H0602 P17REXP  
H0624 CC17RCY  
H0626 P14RCTV  
H0627 P17RCTV  
H0630 CC17RC  
H0647 G17REP  
H0648 G17REXP  
H0690 P17RETV  
H0702 T14RCYP-H  
H0759 L11RCP  
H0760 L11RCYP  
H0761 L14RCP  
H0762 L14RCYP  
H0763 L17RCYP  
H0822 T14RCY  
H0823 T17RE  
H0955 L21RNXP  
H0956 L21RN4XP  
H1006 L17REXP  
H1008 L17REP  
H1100 G18RNXP  
H0313 P21RE  
H0528 P17REP  
H0423 P14RC4YDC  


Very old SEAS drivers

SEAS datasheet



H0107 1_DOME  
H0083 A17RC  
H0084 10F-M  
H0085 25F-EW  
H0096 EA21FC  
H0097_AND_H0190 33F-WKA_AND_DD  
H0108 25F-EWX  
H0134 21F-WB  
H0140 13F-GMBX  
H0157_AND_H0166 25F-WBX_AND_DD_  
H0172_AND_0179 33F-WB_AND_DD  
H0175 33FZBXDD  
H0183_H0182 21F-WBX_AND_DD  
H0185 11F-LGWD  
H0204 3_DOME  
H0223 CA17RC  
H0224 11F-LG_PDF_1  
H0253 1_DOME  
H0254 1_DOME  
H0290 CA17RCX  
H0295 25TNT  
H0297 25TNFT  
H0302 19TNT  
H0304 76MF  
H0305 19TNFT  
H0309 CA17RCY  
H0314 EA21FCY  
H0316 P13RCY  
H0339 A33RE4YDC  
old datasheet from the 70s (1)
old datasheet from the 70s (2)
very old datasheet of SEAS drivers