About Us

www.diy-loudspeakers.com is devoted to the world of high fidelity DIY speakers. For this reason it promotes the collection of any sort of useful information in the following areas of interest:

    • loudspeaker physics and technology,

    • frequency dividing networks mostly known as crossover circuits,

    • low frequency behavior of cabinet enclosures,

    • design targeting and procedures,

    • laboratory measurements,

    • human hearing properties and subjective evaluation

We host tools for the DIYers like tutorials, manufacturer datasheets, well established design algorithms, construction hints, book reviews,hoping that they will prove more than useful to all users.

This site received its contents from www.speakerproject.com which was initially lounched in 2008 in Athens, the capital of Greece, by john valacas. Having a graduate background in Physics he received his Ph.D. degree in Electroacoustics in 1997. He worked for a local audio magazine as a technical writer and equipment reviewer and then as a lab.director for 'Audio Spectrum Electronics Co' a local speaker manufacturer. Thence he had the chance to gain significant experience in the fields of speaker design, manufacturing, and lab measurements. During the most recent years he got involved in the local DIY community and their activities.